You are only required to walk into a toy store and you are ensured that you will be engulfed by the variety of these games and Desi Toys available in the market. You will find a huge variety of toys from the Rubbabu brand to choose from, whether it is global or local.

Here are some crucial points that you should take into consideration to choose the right toy for your kid if you are a parent who gives preference to buying these Desi Toys for Kids.

Large Animal Dinosaur

1) Safe for children: Warning labels give crucial information about how to make use of toys and what age the toy is safe for. When buying toys for toddlers and babies, you are required to avoid toys with toxic materials and have to ensure all toys and parts are larger than the mouth of your children for the prevention of choking. Most of the Desi Toys are made of high-quality wooden finish that has no sharp edges facilitates hours of creative play for the kids. 

3 Stress Ball

2) Educational in nature: Toys should not only be for fun but they should also assist in the development and enhancement of the skills like communication, creativity, problem-solving, self-expression, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. All our toys in Fuzzy Buzzy are designed to help in the development of your children’s life skills at an early age. You can take a look here.

Alphabet Set Magnetic

3) Simple and fun: Your children will enjoy playing with these Desi Toys for Kids that come with fewer rules and instructions to follow. So, you must ensure that you choose your toys that are simple to play with. The Kitchen Sets, Cup and Gola, Labyrinth Maze, The shape sorter bus, or spinning top are a few of the bestsellers from the collection of Fuzzy Buzzy when it comes to the promotion of free play in children.

The Shape Sorter Bus

4) Connect with Indian culture: If we are talking about Desi Toys, it should have roots in Indian play and storytelling. The games or toys must be able to get connected with tradition and Indian culture. Some of our toys like Steamboat and Wholdout Train & Coach are designed to retain the element of sentimentality with classic toys also for parents. You can browse our collection here.

Wholdout Train & Coach

5) Parent-child bonding:  The best way for parents to spend their time with their children is by playing with them. Most of the games and toys which are Indian-made are especially board games have the requirement of more than 2-3 players can also join the game and spend quality time bonding with kids.

There are some of the thoughts that go into designing these India made toys and we hope you will find these pointers useful that will assist you to shop for the right set of toys for kids and make their playtime a meaningful experience. 

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